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Teachers - endorsements

Cris Symes

Second Master, Eastbourne College

“Robin is a true professional. Efficient, organised, extremely thorough and very experienced. It has been a real pleasure working with him as an external appraiser. From the moment we met, he achieved the perfect mix between support and challenge and was very easy indeed to get on with and talk openly with, as a professional coach. He has offered significant amounts of sage counsel and advice and I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend him to senior leaders from any sector of employment.”

Fiona McLauchlan

Deputy Head & Director of Performing Arts at St Edmund's Prep School

“I wholeheartedly recommend Robin as a coach. His inspiring sessions provide skills and techniques, as well as the motivation to put them into practice, that make a real difference. Sessions are supported by detailed notes which he helpfully emails straightaway.

Robin's positive approach and ready sense of humour ensure that sessions are enjoyable as well as illuminating.”

Donna Harris

Senior Deputy Head at Stockport Grammar School

“If you are at the stage where things are going well in your career, but it is difficult to get specific feedback on what might work better, consider engaging Robin to help. I found his sessions interesting and insightful, giving me some new strategies to both respond to others and how to approach specific situations. Beneficial and very much focussed on me and my organisation.”

Helen Lawson

Head of Lower School at Stockport Grammar School

“Working with Robin has been a revelation. Over five busy, productive, practical and enjoyable sessions, I rebooted my thinking on working with people and in stressful situations, I reassessed my time management skills, I thought hard about how I communicate my key messages and I considered my life/work balance. I now sleep better, organise my day much more effectively and I have sorted out the main bugbear in my working day.

I feel less like a manager/juggler and more like a leader, with a clear path in front of me. Time with Robin is time well spent - I recommend him unreservedly.”

Paul Wranek

Bursar at Ipswich School

“The work done by Robin was excellent and certainly achieved the required goals. Robin's approach was very professional, but at the same time also at a personal level which allowed the key points to covered in depth.”

Michael Connolly

Headmaster at Cranmore School

"Having been a Headmaster for 20 years it was high time to examine and reflect upon my role in some detail. I wanted an experienced professional who could guide and support me on this introspective journey. Robin proved to be the ideal partner. He quickly established a rapport which allowed us to have a continuous dialogue which was challenging, insightful and, ultimately, very rewarding. I feel sure his background, experience and expertise make him a suitable partner for any form of leadership coaching or group facilitator function."

Karen Bryner

Education Specialist at UNICEF

"At the recommendation of a friend, I took a bespoke leadership coaching course with Robin. I had just taken a new management position and needed some immediate training and guidance for improving my leadership skills. Over the last 2.5 years since our sessions concluded, Robin has continued to be a resource of spot-on advice and guidance as part of his complementary post-session support. Periodically, I have sought his assistance with thinking through and managing specific situations with colleagues as well larger project management. Additionally, he has given feedback on drafts of my resumé, a cover letter, and networking emails during my recent job search. Throughout the leadership course and subsequent support, I have found Robin to be savvy and wise, whose advice I can trust. My investment in the leadership training has been well worth it."

Andrew Dighton

Facilities Manager, Wisbech Grammar School

"The Leadership coaching from Robin is excellent. It was totally focused on my needs both from a personal perspective and developing my management skills. It provided me with a range of skills to use in all aspects of life and has given me the skills I needed to improve my leadership. Not only have I seen the improvements in my performance as a leader, but my employers have also seen the improvement within weeks of starting the coaching. I now have the skills so my future development as a leader is in my hands. Thank you Robin for your guidance and support."

Luke Bartlett

Deputy Head (Academic), The King's School, Canterbury

"Robin is utterly professional in his approach; he has wide experience in working with Heads of Department, Deputies and Heads in the independent sector and brings that to bear with tailored preparation for each session. He was a great help to me in developing my Head of Faculty leadership and in preparing for SMT level roles: I thoroughly recommend him to you as an excellent and effective coach."

John Field

Director of Digital Learning at Tudor Hall School

"Over the past 6 months, Robin has been my professional mentor. His critical eye has helped me define career goals, together with the road map to achieve them.

He worked with me as I explored current professional strengths and development targets and his mentoring has had palpable impact on how I discharge current responsibilities.

He has been with me every step of the way as I prepared for a challenging interview and is at my disposal via telephone and email for the next years.

If you are looking for business performance coaching, you should consider OvationXL."

Charlie Bostock

Registrar at Uppingham School

"Robin's analysis, challenge and support has been a boon in terms of helping me develop a better perspective, establish clearer priorities and improve my working practices to increase output in the same time frame. His personable manner ensured the training was enjoyable as well as effective."

Patrick Mulvihill

Development Director at Uppingham School

"Robin is an excellent coach and his training sessions were informative, creative and highly motivational, as well as being really enjoyable. At any stage of one's career, taking the opportunity to work with someone like Robin would be invaluable."

Habtemichael Seifu

Senior Accounts Officer at ETUCE

“Robin is a successful management consultant - fully motivated and interested in his work. He is well disciplined and able to handle what is often a considerable workload. Being able to professionally prioritise tasks is essential, given the long hours that so many of us have to work. He is among the best of management consultants. He can climb even the steepest learning curve quickly. Robin comes into a new organisation, gathers information, assesses the challenges and facilitates the identification of choice of practical solutions. He possesses terrific analytical and problem-solving skills. Robin is able to develop a trusting relationship with senior staff quickly and easily. He is a good listener and has excellent spoken and written communication skills. Robin is a hardworking, top-performing client-oriented professional. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information. I am someone who has benefited from adopting his knowledge practically.
Seeing is believing.”

Nikki Brown

Development Director at Ipswich School

“Robin's services have been incredibly helpful in seeing past historical and current setbacks, to move forwards in a productive way. He has given me many recommendations to get the best from my and other team members skills to progress our work. I believe that we will be able to achieve better results due to working with Robin. Thank you.”

Claude Carroué

Communications Officer at Education International

“I warmly recommend working with Robin. He can quickly recognise your professional strengths and help you use and develop them.”

Vicky Barrett

Deputy Head at Stockport Grammar School

"Robin is a supportive and encouraging coach who enables you to explore ways of managing relationships with colleagues more productively and to gain wider perspectives. He is refreshingly jargon-free and has a wide range of experience and wise words."

Seema Singh

Head of Design & Technology Department/Co-ordinator of LEITHS,
Young Enterprise Link Teacher at Downe House School

"Robin is an inspirational, extremely effective professional coach with a realistic approach and excellent communication skills. His sessions are very well structured targeting strategic areas for development. Robin is incredibly efficient and his feedback is impressive and almost immediate. I highly recommend his services and plan to continue working with him in the future."

David Jackson

Teacher at Uppingham School

“Robin is very professional and efficient. The sessions he provides are very targeted to the individual and are extremely effective. Highly recommended.”

Jane Basnett

Head of Modern Languages at Downe House School

“Robin provides you with great ideas to develop your skills in your professional role. He makes you think about how you can improve yourself and how to get the best out of others.”

Michael Scragg

Bursar at Somerhill School

"I recommend Robin's services as I found them most useful either reinforcing ideas or introducing new ideas and techniques. Highly enjoyable experience."

Guntars Catlaks

National Centre for Education, Latvia, Head

"Robin Johnson has proved that coaching matters even in the situations where one could be sceptical and reserved from the outset."


Leading UK public school

"Thank you for your support and 1-2-1 coaching. I have enjoyed working with you very much indeed, and have learned a great deal about myself and about valuable skills and tools."

Feedback from captains of schools

Head girl

Leading UK independent school

"There were so many things I learnt which I need to put into practice. The techniques you taught me, especially with dealing with difficult situations in delegation, are invaluable as well as learning how to deal with peers my own age. Finding out what kind of listener and speaker I am, is also interesting and bought my attention to how other people speak and listen. I am now a lot more conscious of how my peers speak."


Leading UK independent school

“I just wanted to thank you for the very informative coaching session on Monday night. I found it so interesting, and I have already become a bit obsessed about what kind of words people use. I am really looking forward to dealing with old situations in a new way. I think that I will find my role as head girl slightly less demanding now, so thank you very much for that.“


Leading UK independent school

“Thank you very much for your help. It has already proved incredibly valuable and I am working on developing the things we talked about. I would love to have another opportunity to have some more coaching sessions though this needs to wait until after my exams.”


Leading UK independent school

“Thank you very much for the leadership coaching. This subject is really interesting and very much appreciated.”


Leading UK independent school

“I’m looking forward to reporting back to my father on how the coaching went. He’s seriously into this kind of thing.”