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How do your own leadership values compare?

Leaders explain their top professional values to me every week.

Are there lessons to learn from this list? Can we somehow use this information to help attract the next generation of talent? How do your own values compare? Values in CAPITALS crop up most frequently.

For topmost values scroll down

ACHIEVEMENT ANALYTICAL AMBITION application APPRECIATED BALANCE caring CHALLENGE CHANGE charity cheerfulness civility common ground compassion COMMITMENT community COMMUNICATION compliments compromise confidence CONNECTIONS CONTROL COURAGE courtesy CREATIVITY CULTURE DECISION TAKING DECENCY DEDICATION determination DEVELOPMENT IN ROLE devotion DIRECTING DISCRETION DRIVEN DUTY education empathy EMPOWERMENT encouragement ENJOYMENT enriching ENTHUSIASM ENTREPRENEURIAL environment equality EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE FAIRNESS fitness FLEXIBLE foresight forgiveness FREEDOM FRIENDSHIPS fulfilment FUN generosity givingback good manners gratitude grit GROWTH HARDWORK HEALTH helping others HONESTY hope HUMILITY imagination IMPACT including others ingenuity INNOVATION inspiration INTEGRITY INTELLECT INTERESTING job impact justice kindness laughter LEADERSHIP LEARNING LEGACY listening literacy love LOYALTY MAKING A DIFFERENCE mentoring mindfulness money MOTIVATING OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE OPPORTUNITY optimism overcoming passion patience peace PEOPLE perseverance persistence PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT personality POWER pioneering praise preparedness prestigious PROFESSIONALISM PROGRESSION publicface reaching out RECOGNITION RELATIONSHIPS religious RESPECT RESPONSIBILITY REWARD right choices SALARY SATISFACTION self-reliant SERVICE sharing significance smiles soul sportsmanship stewardship straightforwardness STRATEGIC INFLUENCE strength STRETCH SUCCESS stimulus TARGETS teaching by example TEAMWORKING tolerance tradition TRAINING AND SUPPORT TRUST unity VALUED VARIETY VISION volunteering WISDOM

Topmost values:

Making a differenceIntegrityPersonal DevelopmentCommunicationcame out on top.