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Mentoring success story No7:

How to pacify warring Goliaths

A. What was the problem? 

Graham and Helen*, both highly respected for their technical skills and transactional processes, had been sniping at each other for two years and the situation had become out of hand. The problem was that they were both high billers and yet their full-on war had unsettled middleweights in the business, causing some to resign; they were leaving corpses in their wake. The bosses feared direct confrontation, as they had to continue to work with the individuals. Action was overdue.

B. How can desired long-term results be achieved in such a short time? 

My holistic approach provides a menu of options for the candidate to pick and choose from, underpinned by great deal of experience of working with over 350 leaders and supported by the 1,700-page leadership manual that I have written over many years.

Step One is usually to ask good questions of both sides separately and listen carefully to the answers. The root issues underpinning fractious relationships are rarely straightforward and require sensitive handling by an experienced mediator.

Step Two is to work with the two candidates together to talk through perceived strengths of each side, which can come as a surprise to the other side. Rules of engagement need to be explained at the outset. We then go on to talk through behaviours that would help mend the relationship, in constructive ways. This type of work invariably benefits from careful handling by an experienced professional.

Step Three provides tips for keeping the relationship healthy plus ways to flag up when feeling uncomfortable

C. How long does it take and what is the investment necessary?

Four to eight hours of mentoring is normally sufficient.

Candidates are banned from taking their own session notes as it distracts them from the all-important thinking part. Investment is typically between £1,990 - £3,990+VAT, plus travel at cost if outside greater London. Just occasionally one or both sides need to have additional coaching sessions.

D. My post-assignment promise 

Success rate is consistently high. However, I don’t helicopter in (ie eight hours and that’s it) and run to the hills once the four coaching sessions have ended. On conclusion of the four-session programme I go on to offer unlimited support by telephone or email for up to ten years, up until I think an extra session would be more beneficial – triggered just once by me when a candidate decided to quit their profession to become ordained.

* Names have been disguised

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