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Mentoring success story No9:

How to consolidate during recessionary times

A. What was the problem? 

Businesses fail because they run out of cash rather than shortage of creative ideas. This risk was clearly present here. Cash-in-bank had fallen to a worryingly low level and it was blatantly clear from the company’s management accounts that this southerly trend continued. Margins had been eroded to the point that unless more difficult changes were made the business could not be safeguarded. Significant cost–saving measures including the closure of offices and departments had been already been taken over several years though these had proved inadequate. Sadly, business growth and profitability, like stock markets, do not progress in upwardly straight lines. Recessionary times require a different skillset to those we employ during expansionist times. The CEO had called me in to impartially evaluate certain roles ahead of a redundancy programme. Be aware that redundancy of role can take place even when a business or division is thriving.

B. How can desired long-term results be achieved in such a short time? 

My holistic approach provides a menu of options for the candidate to pick and choose from, underpinned by great deal of experience of working with over 350 leaders and supported by the 1,700-page leadership manual that I have written over many years.

Step One is all about impartially separating fact from fiction and it is all too easy to be seduced by particular personality types. This may involve garnering the necessary financial data to help to independently verify which parts of the organisation are thriving and which are not, often working with the FD. It may involve a skills and performance audit of individual team members, often working with the CEO or HR Director.

Step Two may involve me chairing a redundancy panel.

C. How long does it take and what is the investment necessary?

This is one area that requires a bespoke proposal as levels of complexity vary enormously from organisation to organisation.

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