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Case study:

City financial institution

Our client is one of a number of managing directors of a global financial institution. We have been working together in a coaching/mentoring capacity.

Our approach

OvationXL designed a bespoke coaching programme of six sessions designed to align the individual with the strategic plans of the business. The relationship has evolved to a mentoring programme where the candidate and mentor meet once every three months.

The results

The programme led to a broadening of the individual’s business knowledge and acumen, improved leadership and management competencies and an increased level of confidence in taking tough decisions.

  • Enhancement of strategic thinking and risk assessment capabilities.
  • Clarification of future professional and personal direction.
  • Greater personal awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Improved key management competencies in project and time management, delegation and team building.
  • Improved personal performance in the workplace.

OvationXL are currently coaching the Managing Director and other directors of two other internationally known City institutions.