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Mentoring success story No2:

How to create a ‘Balanced scorecard’ in a rising star

A. What was the problem? 

Candidate possessed many of the hallmarks associated with potential superstars. On the plus side, Simon’s* organisational and technical abilities were truly exceptional. Problems lay in his reluctance to collaborate with others, since he had never experienced being a part of a fully functioning, well-integrated team. Simon was perceived as a maverick ‘sole practitioner’ and overprotective of his allotted clients as he actively avoided opportunities by actively avoiding opportunities to cross-sell other services that his colleagues provide. Simon seemed to exude self-confidence in certain situations though not in others. He needed to rapidly develop a more rounded set of leadership, time management and business skills and he was up for the challenge.

B. How can desired long-term results be achieved in such a short time? 

My holistic approach provides a menu of options for the candidate to pick and choose from, underpinned by great deal of experience of working with over 350 leaders and supported by the 1,700-page leadership manual that I have written over many years.

Step One is to evaluate a candidate’s core strengths and weaknesses, which can vary from perceptions.

Step Two is to provide an armoury of advanced leadership, team-working, business and communication techniques so that he/she can become decisive about how they deliver best value to their organisation/clients. Working holistically, I typically devise eight behavioural themes for development over the four ‘live’ sessions that the candidate goes on to score and prioritise as one part of Session One.

C. How long does it take and what is the investment necessary?

First one-hour ‘pre-session’ is delivered at no cost to your organisation, without cost or obligation, subject to location.

Eight hours of mentoring – that’s one two-hour session paced four weeks apart. Inter-session ‘homework’ is rarely set apart from the need to read approximately 30-pages of bespoke notes issued after each session.

Candidates are banned from taking their own session notes as it distracts them from the all-important thinking part. Investment in four x two-hour sessions over a four-month period is £995+VAT per session, so £3,980+VAT in total, plus travel at cost if outside greater London.

D. My post-assignment promise 

Success rate is consistently high. However, I don’t helicopter in (ie eight hours and that’s it) and run to the hills once the four coaching sessions have ended. On conclusion of the four-session programme I go on to offer unlimited support by telephone or email for up to ten years, up until I think an extra session would be more beneficial – triggered just once by me when a candidate decided to quit their profession to become ordained.

* Name has been disguised

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