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A nasty word used in our industry to describe the candidate being coached.


Free no-obligation ‘chemistry’ meeting that last 45 minutes to an hour used to identify possible themes for unlocking a candidate’s true potential.


A fast-paced coaching session that normally lasts two hours where the coach and candidate talk through the candidate’s challenges and opportunities. Highly practical new ways of thinking or new processes are introduced that the candidate may put into practice that same day. For candidates under the age of about 30 we may suggest more sessions lasting just 90 minutes.

Session notes

Our fees cover the detailed preparation work plus bespoke session notes that underpin each coaching/mentoring initiative. Session notes may run to 12-15 pages per session and, in certain circumstances, longer. Candidates build up a mini-library of highly practical ideas and techniques to resolve issues identified in their first session that they may refer to months or even years later.