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Site map

Leadership skills

Overview of people skills

Top 12 scorers

Common themes


Leadership skills for partners, directors and emerging leaders


Thinking, behaving and directing strategically and commercially

Building trust and ‘buy-in’ for ideas

Managing people

Business turnaround

Easing pressure on team

Re-assess business structure and processes

Board team working with clarity at the top

Successful public speaking

Exit and succession planning

Redundancy, de-equitisation plus dealing with under-performance

Reputation as preferred employer

Run decisive meetings


Winning new business and business development

Winning new business

‘Personal branding’– self-promotion through key messages

Influence & persuade to get 'buy in' for your ideas

Networking time-effectively

Focus on your top 20% - refreshing existing and lapsed client relationships

Persuasive bids, tenders & proposals

Selling skills for non-sales people


Time to climb - personal impact and effectiveness

Self confidence, self worth, status and resilience

Self awareness - understanding your impact on others

Advanced communication skills to get 'buy in' for your ideas

Adding value to help secure my future

Successful interview techniques

Build rapport with people unlike you though conversation and body language. Understand others’ agenda to get idea blockers on side

Preparing for and delivering key meetings, persuasive bids

Solving problems quicker by learning positively from mistakes

Understanding and succeeding in my new role

Consultancy skills

Disruptive innovation 'outside the box'

Project management

360 degree assessments


Life’s choices

Expand interests outside of work

Work/life balance and success

Life coaching

Pre and post maternity leave advice


Deal with distractions

Waste of time management

Back in control with more energy and less stress

Bolder, more proactive and less defensive

In control of emotions

Perceptions & slurs - how to deal with them

Raising ambition, motivation and ‘hunger’

Behavioural change

Trusted to reliably deliver projects on time, every time

Using humour appropriately

Challenges with own parents, partner or children

Fear of failure

Chasing clients for fees

Coping with office politics

Deference to authority

Professional intervention of a personal or workplace crisis

Controlling use of power & assertiveness


First understand 'you'

Set SMART goals

Strengths, weaknesses & values