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In control of emotions

(e.g. anger, conflict, impatience, frustration, etc)

Many people live a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ existence; one moment calm and approachable and then switching to someone who comes across as frightening and out of control. Emotional conflict makes you extremely hard to work with. When people experience your anger and frustrations they may become overly defensive and, at best, only half listen to what you are saying which defeats the whole purpose of communication. There are better ways of providing honest feedback about under-performance and missed deadlines and that has to start with you.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Knowledge of Transactional Analysis – Parent, Adult, Child speak.
  • Successful techniques to remain in control rather than allowing your old bad habit to kick in.
  • Able to turn around conflict into something positive.
  • Able to turn around frustration into a positive action plan that others around you want to buy in to.
  • Stronger relationships with your peers.

Did you know?

Research proves that angry people live shorter lives, as they put far too much stress on their hearts.

Who would benefit?

People who allow their emotions to get the better of them.

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