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Managing people

Effective delegation • Team working • Team motivation and team promotion

Research shows that only 2% of business isn't delivered as a result of teamwork. Collaboration may be purely internal within your organisation or with your clients and suppliers. That means that 98% of business draws on a healthy mix of diverse skills, knowledge plus different backgrounds or experience. An ability to build cohesive, high performing teams is now an expected core competency for any manager or aspiring leader. Are you aware of the psychological processes that can underpin great teamwork? Do you know how to capitalise on conflict or competitiveness to generate a positive outcome? If 98% of your business is conducted by teams, knowing how to build high performance teams is going to dramatically impact on the results of your business. It may even make the difference between supremacy and survival.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Identified reasons that your team is not performing to its full potential. Focused action taken.
  • Coaching your team through the four psychological stages of team growth - from ‘forming’ to ‘performing’.
  • Internal conflict resolved. Healthy competition introduced to elevate performance.
  • Clarified team roles and selecting the most appropriate people to fulfill any given task.
  • Culture of honesty and integrity promoted is helping to safeguard the future of your business.

Did you know?

Underperforming teams waste hard earned revenue. By developing an in-house competency to build high performing teams you are going to generate and retain more profit. There's an opportunity to enhance your reputation for delivering high performance with integrity, with your internal and external stakeholders.

Who would benefit?

Management - those in charge of teams or departments.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or



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