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Perceptions & slurs - how to deal with them

We used to find it surprising how many Directors/Partners/Managers complained that they were victims of unfair perceptions of their personality/style. To move forward you can be coached to deal professionally with damaging perceptions (or actual behaviours) including the following which may be more common that you might imagine:

  • Controlling style of leadership.
  • A bully.
  • Arrogant/pompous.
  • Democratic to the point where nothing is decided.
  • Meetings are so tedious that we would prefer not to attend.
  • Invisible. Needs to be seen more.
  • Too reserved at meetings when senior people are present.
  • Not willing to speak up at the crucial moments.
  • Confidence was so badly knocked that no decisions are being taken.
  • Too dominant or ‘loud’ during important meetings.
  • Lack of 'hunger' or ambition.
  • Overly soft and nice. Says “yes” to everyone to the point where we don’t know what they think.
  • Muddled thinker.
  • Text junky – even in Board meetings.
  • Irritatingly deferential to the boss.
  • Too drawn into the detail.
  • Unrealistic about timescales and so cannot be trusted.
  • Risk averse to the point where nothing gets done.
  • Unable to say “no” and so reliably fails to deliver.
  • Uncommunicative with more junior members of the team.

Your new strengths and abilities

Understanding of your behaviour that has led to a specific perception - and what to do about it.

Did you know?

It's far easier to take control of a perception than to allow it flourish. If you make some changes others are going to change as well.

Who would benefit?

Victims of perception that may be unfair... or maybe they have a point. No smoke without fire?

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or



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