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Successful interview techniques

Business people are interviewed during pitches to win new business as well as during those moments when they seek promotion or change. Have you ever wondered about the reasons that some people are able to get the job they want time and time again, or they consistently win the deal, whilst others invariably don't? Have you noticed how some people capitulate though nerves or lack of focus whilst others consistently manage to perform?

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Reliable processes used to research and prepare for interview.
  • Looking smart for the part.
  • On-the-day nerves controlled.
  • Awareness of negative body language and eye movement.
  • Ensuring you get your carefully prepared key points across even when circumstances take you by surprise.
  • Advanced ability to ask your own killer questions and provide good answers to killer questions aimed at you.

Did you know?

The most natural and fluent presenters still practice many times before the big day.

Who would benefit?

All those who participate in preparing or presenting persuasive logic to internal/external decision making teams. Also valuable for putting the right people in place - probably the most important of all business functions. Choosing the wrong team can adversely affect the culture of your business as well as having a negative impact on your reputation, performance and profit.

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