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Raising ambition, motivation and ‘hunger’

Boredom can strike at any time and can be immensely destructive. The good news is that it is possible become re-motivated and ‘hungry’ again without necessarily moving jobs. Boredom can lead to physical illnesses so the symptoms need to be recognised and addressed quickly. People who have come through this ‘wall’ explain how desperate they felt. The root cause of boredom is frequently that a person’s core values are no longer being met. It is often one’s own subconscious objecting. Boredom presents a tremendous opportunity to do some serious thinking about what’s truly important in life. This journey of discovery can be relatively quick and invariably life changing.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Reassessment of current values and beliefs.
  • New focus.
  • Renewed energy and optimism.
  • Renewed self-esteem and self motivation.
  • Feeling that you are making a difference again.

Did you know?

Boredom is often the presenting symptom of an individual’s personal values not being met.

Who would benefit?

Those affected by the debilitating symptom of boredom that can result in physical sickness if not professionally addressed.

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