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Re-assess business structure and processes

Streamlined structures and management processes are essential for creating efficient and cost effective management, and you may benefit from reviewing them annually.

  • Does your business structure make best use of the people you have or plan to have? If changes are needed, have you created a structured transition plan so that all parties are kept in the loop to avoid common allegations of ‘mushroom’ culture?
  • Is your structure sufficiently outward looking? How can your management processes be aligned to reflect the current and future needs of your clients? The business processes that produce the value to clients often run across departments. Are you speaking to your top 20% of your clients sufficiently to know?
  • Does you or your CEO have too many direct reports? If so what can be done to ease the pressure points and the probable slow decision making that has resulted?
  • Are you reviewing opportunities for the creation of strategic alliances or mergers and acquisitions? What would be the impact on structure and processes? For example, could some of your lower value repetitive process be performed as efficiently through outsourcing them?
  • How often do your key people from different departments have the time to share ideas and collaborate. Sometimes the best ideas are created by bringing together keen minds from different parts of your organisation.

If any of these thoughts resonate with your own situation it may be the right time to consider some external facilitation or coaching to help ensure that you get this type of crucial decision taking right and right first time. The cost of making errors at this level can be exceedingly high.

Your new strengths and abilities

Thinking strategically and commercially to get the best out of your most expensive resource – your people.

Did you know?

CEOs with too many direct reports can inadvertently become the blockage of progress as too many decisions have to be run by one person. This can be an indicator of low levels of trust.

Who would benefit?

CEOs and other people in charge of significant teams.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or

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