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Behavioural change

(challenges may concern health, lethargy, eating, alcohol, financial, fear of getting older, addictions and fears/phobia)

People are often blissfully unaware how their personality negatively impacts on those around them. Yet even the most successful people have negative traits or behaviours that can be corrected to mutual advantage. Negative behaviours are usually the surface presentation of underlying psychological issues. These may have roots in past events which need to be resolved or redefined. Inappropriate behaviours may also damage your companies' reputation with your clients and other external stakeholders. Denying the existence of such problems is not an option if you wish to grow your business. Dealing with them invariably improves performance and profitability. It can safeguard your reputation.

Your new strengths and abilities and abilities

  • Self awareness and confrontation of the damaging or limiting behaviours.
  • Constructive feedback and a plan to move forward.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Alternative more appropriate behaviours explored.
  • Consciously practicing new skills or behaviours.
  • Integrated new behaviours (practical follow through).
  • Progress reviewed and change monitored.

Did you know?

Common negative traits in management include:

  • Failing to control emotions and projecting these on to others.
  • Constant unfocused criticism of others that creates a demotivated atmosphere in the office.
  • Aggression that is often interpreted as intimidation or bullying which can put your business at risk of being sued.
  • Unpredictability causing loss of initiative and fear.
  • Perfectionism and/or controlling nature that stifles the development of others.
  • Limiting self beliefs that undermine the individual's own performance.

Who would benefit?

Those inadvertently impacting on performance in some negative way including people who disrupt meetings or cause indecision.

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