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Networking time-effectively

Many organisations claim that effective networking is one of their most cost effective ways for winning new business. Some successful people are natural networkers whilst others require coaching. The reality is that most people are not at all good at it. Some of our prospective clients tell us that they attend a great many events and yet generate few, if any, tangible results.

Some dismiss networking because they:

  • Fear rejection.
  • Worry about making a fool of themselves in front of people they've not met before.
  • Feel a sense of panic when attempting 'small talk' with people they don't know.
  • Fear they are going to be landed with a boring person and won’t be able to escape.
  • Don't get the expected results despite a huge investment in time.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Making the right type of preparatory research each time.
  • Ways to identify the people that you are most likely to do business with - even before you attend.
  • Learn a range of different ways to break into and out of conversations without distress to either party.
  • Comfortable ‘working the room’ with different group sizes.
  • Fine-tuned active listening.
  • Techniques to 'speed network' and use ‘elevator pitches’ successfully.
  • Spotting second generation referral opportunities.
  • You follow up your ‘hot leads’ systematically.

Did you know?

Networking has proven to be a very effective way to increase word of mouth advertising. Some skilled sales people get 80-90% of their business through highly focused networking activities.

Who would benefit?

Most people in your organisation - everyone in your organisation tasked with winning new business for at least a part of their job function.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or

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