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Expand interests outside of work

”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Pressures on highly intelligent leaders can turn your work life into an addiction without you noticing. Work becomes all-involving. It is your power base. It is sometimes necessary to take a fresh approach to home life. Of course this is a dimension to work/life balance though is not the usual issue of simply wanting to spend more time with a loving family. This is to do with rediscovering old interests and hobbies and probably experimenting with some new ones too in order to sway the balance of attraction in favour of spending more time outside of work. The risks of not doing so are obvious – you risk your relationship falling apart, which is not that uncommon (we work for many leading divorce lawyers) and ultimately your health.

Your new strengths and abilities

A greater work life balance that gives your home life and relationship a chance of survival.

You may rediscover new interests outside of work that can match the draw of business which you may have inadvertently allowed yourself to become addicted to.

You may allow yourself to reconnect with old friends who may have almost given up on you.

Did you know?

Working long hours can become a form of escapism.

Who would benefit?


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