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Work/life balance and success

Work-life balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how they work. It is only properly achieved when an individual's right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected. An ideal work life balance may seem a dream where there are constant family and peer pressures to be responsible - or to be more and more successful or wealthy. It can sometimes seem impossible to place considerations such as one's own personal values, beliefs and good health into the equation.

Common work/life conflicts include:

  • People coping with illness (self, friend or relative).
  • Caring for a young family or an elderly relative.
  • Wealthy or ambitious people working long hours whilst neglecting their families that they strive to support.
  • Workforce posted to locations away from their loved ones.
  • Re-training in a new skill.
  • Separations/divorce.
  • Need for a change of pace or direction, sometimes dictated by situations that are outside of your control.
  • Perfectionists who find it hard to finish projects.
  • Different types of workaholic.
  • Addictions.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Awareness of different options that could be acceptable, even favourable, to both employer and employee.
  • Ability to present realistic solutions for both parties.
  • Life back in control and able to be more productive and happy again.

Did you know?

Work-life balance policies and practice are usually good for business.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who's work is suffering due to any of life's pressures listed above.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or

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