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Using humour appropriately

People have different degrees of humour and what someone finds funny others find abhorrent. It is safer to err on the side of caution and be respectful at all times.

Inappropriate humour includes:

  • Humour can trivialise a conversation.
  • Defensive humour can disguise your message.
  • Some people prefer to have the right to make the best jokes and don’t like being out-witted.
  • Racist, ageist, sexual, religious and anti-gay jokes are dangerous in 2011, however funny they may seem to some people – and they are against the law. We’ve heard of recent stories where businesses have actually been sacked on massive contracts because of inappropriate humour. Is it worth the risk? (Best to remind one’s team).
  • Appropriate humour includes
  • Relieves tension and makes life fun.
  • Helps build rapport and increase engagement.
  • Lightens the mood in the office.

Your new strengths and abilities

Greater knowledge of how to use humour and when to avoid it.

Did you know?

A leader who habitually makes light of situations, perhaps to gain popularity, risks losing status.

Who would benefit?

Managers and staff who say things without thinking.

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