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Fear of failure

It is human nature to have occasional self-doubts. For some people, however, fear of failing becomes so overwhelming that it can sometimes prevent them from completing even simple tasks.

What can happen?

  • You may stop us asking for help, perhaps believing that asking for help may be construed as a sign of weakness.
  • You may be obsessed about what people may be thinking about you.
  • You may be convinced that everyone except you lives their lives effortlessly. This is not true.
  • You may have irrational thoughts, such as ‘When I don’t achieve this, people are going realise that I am not a competent professional’.
  • You may put off starting things, which isn’t usually a good approach to business.
  • Your new strengths and abilities
  • Greater self awareness.
  • Trigger techniques to generate self confidence on demand.
  • Re-framing of past events so that you enjoy a more positive outlook.

Did you know?

Making mistakes can be opportunities learning the most important lessons in life. Not succeeding what we want can be good in two ways: it teaches us valuable lessons. For example, we may learn how to change things so that we don’t repeat the same again, and it also makes us stronger by adding to our inner resources. Some of the greatest lessons in life can be made when making even serious mistakes. They can the trigger we need to take a giant step forward.

Who would benefit?

Those affected by the debilitating symptoms of fear of failure that can result in physical sickness if not professionally addressed.

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