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Coping with office politics

Business is JUST a game. If you’re not enjoying it then you are doing something wrong. You haven’t understood the rules that others are already following. Play the game being played, not the one you want or think should played. Remember the game of rounders? You have the choice to opt out, sit on the sideline and watch others play the game. If you choose to join in, at least you have a chance of hitting the ball and scoring points. Imagine... politics could and should be fun. Learn the rules and you could achieve things that have hitherto been beyond your grasp.

Politicians may work out what pleases people so that they can make strategic moves rather than go forward blind. Where are the obstacles? Where are the high jumps? Where are the easier routes? Some people choose to jump every high fence well whilst others avoid them altogether and find a far smarter path. Somehow the smart ones achieve corporate goals in different, more effective, less strenuous ways ... and go on to win the game.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Put yourself at cause. If you choose to behave/speak differently, others change too – strange isn’t it... and they don’t even realise.
  • Learn to play the game which may mean re-learning the rules.

Did you know?

Research shows that conflict is sharpest among younger employees where 45 per cent of 16-24-year-olds said they were involved in weekly clashes. Known troublemakers are identified by 40 per cent as a prime cause, but the main cause of tension is constant talking and interruption, the refusal to work as part of a team and taking credit for other people's work - a particularly sore point with junior managers.

Who would benefit?

Anyone suffering at the expense of damaging politics where productively is falling, or the individual concerned is deeply unhappy.

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