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Selling skills for non-sales people

Many senior lawyers and other business professionals were not given any training to promote and develop their services to new or existing clients. Even today some technically experienced professionals pooh-pooh the widely-held thinking that it is an expected core competency of staff (at every level) to new win business. We continue to hear people saying that "if they had wanted to be a salesman they would have gone into sales long ago".

Learning some of the basics about persuasive negotiation can make a massive difference to the ultimate success of an individual and their business. One minimum outcome is learning how to avoid inadvertently putting your potential clients off, by saying things that disrupts the possibility of your firm being appointed. At best you are going to learn some highly effective techniques that are going to significantly increase your fee earning ability.

Most successful people in your business may have already been allocated responsibility to win new business as a part of their service contract. Competition in your marketplace may be perceived to be tough. Client expectations are likely to be increasing year in, year out. Your marketplace is continually changing. OvationXL’s well defined process for winning sales allows you to get closer to your clients' needs. It empowers you to present a compelling case to win contracts. It forces you to stand tall above the competition. Followed closely, you are going to win more long term business relationships - generating more profitable work from the right types of businesses.

Your new strengths and abilities

  • Targeting the right decision maker in the first place.
  • Organisational skills being used to keep track and follow-up of the good leads.
  • Quickly building rapport with people who may be unlike yourself.
  • How to make your client more successful - that's bound to result in a financial return.
  • Facilitating sales meetings that generate decisions to help avoid the frustration of client delay and uncertainty and endless disappointment. If that’s already happening then it’s you that needs to change.
  • Knowledge of what to say and what not to say during sales meetings and actively listening to what the client really needs.

Did you know?

1. One of the biggest risks in non-sales staff attending client presentations is in knowing what not to say… and when it's important to shut up. It is easier to put clients off than to win new business.

2. Sales people waste 80% of their time on people who are not going to buy from them.

Who would benefit?

As it is now an expected core competency of everyone to win new clients, all staff would benefit.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or

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