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Consultancy skills

An ability to provide pragmatic advice and support to external clients or internal colleagues is regarded by many leaders as a core skill to be nurtured. You may be an external advisor or an internal change manager or a business partner/director. Coaching enhances your skills to provide more tangible value to your client.

Common negative behaviour found in consultants include:

  • Inability to listen to what is actually needed.
  • Too talkative (you have two ears and a mouth; use them in that proportion).
  • Muddled delivery that causes confusion rather than clarity.
  • Abandon ship before the delivery phase.
  • Your new strengths and abilities
  • Knowledge of the steps needed to assess a complex situations and how to meet the underlying needs of your client.
  • Appreciating and respecting the risks and benefits of using internal/external consultants.
  • Able to stretch your client and gain their 'buy-in' to your ideas.
  • Techniques to create a project plan that delivers measurable positive results.

Did you know?

External consultants are often able to drive through change at a quicker pace because they can cut through internal politics and resistance.

Who would benefit?

Senior management and project managers.

To discuss a current or potential need, contact Robin Johnson at OvationXL on 07774 415 561 or

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